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Case Study: PBM with 340B Integration​

This case study looks at Hospital A, a 340B Covered Entity with a self-funded plan for their 2500 covered lives. Through the RxPreferred Transparent PBM platform along with innovative strategies, and customized plan features…

The Definitive Guide to 340B

RxPreferred is a fully transparent 340B administrator that partners with hospitals, health systems, clinics, and pharmacies to build customized 340B programs. Our team creates programs from scratch to meet the needs of the community in which Covered Entities and Contract Pharmacies serve

8 Reasons Employers Select RxPreferred As A PBM Partner

RxPreferred is here to provide visibility and understanding in an otherwise opaque industry. We align with your needs and goals to provide a comprehensive prescription benefits plan that will drive savings and improve the healthcare experience.

PBM transparency is vital to savings

Traditional PBM’s use unnecessarily complex pricing strategies so that it is difficult to understand the costs of your pharmacy benefits. Our program is built so that you will always know exactly what you are paying for and the true costs of your benefits.

How can we help you take charge of your rebates?