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Why Choose RxPreferred As Your Pharmacy Benefits Management Partner

Join RxPreferred Benefits in transforming the pharmacy benefits management (PBM) industry. Our goal is to put the health and well-being of members back on top as the premier value.

We work together with our clients to make healthcare more accessible. Each organization has unique goals, needs, and challenges. That’s why we develop customized plans that drive savings and promotes a healthy lifestyle for your members.

RxPreferred Benefits helps partners of all sizes to make data-driven decisions for themselves and their members. See how we stand out from other pharmacy benefits management partners. 

True Transparency

Transparency is at the core of everything we do at RxPreferred. Traditional Pharmacy Benefits Management partners use pricing that is often needlessly complex, making it challenging to understand your pharmacy benefits performance. 

With RxPreferred, you gain visibility of your plan and can truly identify and understand the pharmacy costs. In line with our devotion to transparency, we keep our pricing model simple and aligned with your business goals and objectives. With our programs, you never need to worry about any hidden charges or spread pricing, as we work to drive savings and maximize your pharmacy benefit spend. 

Zero Conflicts of Interest

Large traditional Pharmacy Benefits Management partners are the sole owners of their claim processing engines, rebate contracts, pharmacy network agreements, and even the pharmacies themselves. This often leads to conflicts of interest that cause PBMs to make decisions based on what works best for them, not their clients.

At RxPreferred, we are your partner and committed to your success. That is why we take zero conflicts of interest so seriously; it is in our organization’s bylaws. By not owning any pharmacies and void of vertical integration, we manage your pharmacy benefits with a clear vision and unbiased perspective. As a result, our clients have the peace of mind that our best-in-class programs genuinely align with your plan’s success.

Customizable Solutions

RxPreferred’s focus is solely on aligning our solutions with your goals, and we’ll take the time needed to understand your organizational challenges. Using our proprietary technology, we customize each solution collaboratively with our clients.

With access to over 67,000 pharmacies across the country and an a-la-carte service offering, we build programs from scratch and define each option as you establish plan parameters and guidelines. Our clients have the final say, so each plan is set up to achieve their specific goals and objectives. In addition, we provide all the tools needed to audit your program at any time.

The RxPreferred Difference

Our clients deserve to make data-driven, informed decisions, and we are here to guide you – every step of the way with industry experts who help to manage your healthcare spend. With a dedicated team of advisors aligned with your goals, we focus on guaranteed savings and cost-containment strategies to provide effective pharmacy benefits management services. We are trusted advisors that provide innovative technology and customizable solutions that drive results and our best-in-class programs will elevate your prescription benefits experience. 

Join us in transforming healthcare.

Learn more about RxPreferred’s transparent, zero conflict-of-interest, customizable solutions and see how we are redefining pharmacy benefits management.

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