RxPreferred practices 100 percent transparency and accountability:

  • We never charge your plan more for a prescription than we pay a pharmacy to fill it–there is no spread pricing.
  • All savings from rebates, discounts and other revenues from drug manufacturers go straight to you, the plan sponsor.
  • We don’t profit from increased drug utilization.
  • Your total drug benefit cost is lower as a result.

Simplified Pricing
Traditional PBM pricing is unnecessarily complex, making it difficult for you to understand the true cost of your pharmacy benefits.  With RxPreferred, you will fully understand the administration fee your plan is charged.  Our transparent pricing model is amazingly simple and fully aligned with your business objectives.  No surprises.  No hidden charges.  Real savings.

No Hidden Spread
Traditional PBM’s often charge plan sponsors one price for a prescription then reimburse the pharmacy less, keeping the difference.  We have eliminated this “retail spread” as the price the pharmacy is paid for a prescription is ALWAYS the same price charged to your plan. We do not artificially mark-up the cost of the claim.

Aligned financial incentives
Once we have selected an unbiased formulary structure that makes the most sense for you and your employees, we negotiate the best possible rebates to maximize your drug benefit dollars.   Our rebate process is completely transparent and we facilitate fast, efficient payments, passing on 100% of rebate savings to you.

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