Reduce Employee Prescription Benefit Costs

With a 340B program administered by RxPreferred, self-insured hospitals save on medications for eligible employees.

Generate Revenue From Patients With Insurance Coverage

RxPreferred ensures that if a 340B patient pays with third-party insurance, hospitals receive the appropriate payments, which can be an important source of revenue for your organization.

Expand Access To Affordable Medications For Uninsured Patients

RxPreferred can reduce the cost of medications by up to 60% for patients paying with cash.

Implement Pharmacy Networks

RxPreferred implements contract pharmacy networks, including specialty pharmacies, that are convenient and cost-effective for hospitals, eligible employees and patients.

Promote 340B Compliance

Many DSHs unknowingly divert drugs to ineligible employees and patients every day, putting their 340B eligibility at risk. With RxPreferred’s solution, we remove the risks associated with 340B and help hospitals safeguard against diversion.

340B – Stress Free

RxPreferred’s fully automated solution manages eligibility, enrollment, formulary and other functions. Our industry-leading auditing, tracking and financial management features provide hospital administrators with up-to-the-minute information about their 340B program’s savings, revenue and bottom line.

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