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Redefining Pharmacy Benefits Administration

Redefining Pharmacy Benefits Administration

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How Other PBMs Put Profits Over Patients

Why RxPreferred?


In an evolving environment, RxPreferred is at the forefront with technology developments and creative strategies. We specialize in cost-containment strategies, plan development, and emphasize community and own-resource capitalization in a data-driven environment.



Our focus is aligning our solutions with your goals through collaborative efforts and custom-tailored recommendations. With our zero conflict-of-interest strategy, our team of trusted advisors works with you to build your program, ensuring that you have complete understanding and ultimate control with opportunities for continuous improvement.  

RxPreferred custom solutions


RxPreferred simplifies pharmacy benefit management with transparent, pass-through administration. We use data access and reporting to help you understand your true costs and make informed decisions for your members and your organization.